Construction of Anti-Typhoon Roller Shutter

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Anti-Typhoon Roller Shutter Size Table

Anti-Typhoon Guide Rail FIXED

Construction Instructions:

1.The anti-typhoon roller shutter should be opened and closed smoothly, and it can stop automatically when it reaches a fixed point up and down.


2.The shutter motor should have a temperature protection device, and the motor will automatically cut off the power when overheated.


3.The distance between the anchor bolts of the guide rail should be less than 15 cm to ensure that it is firmly fixed to the wall or the structure.


4.The manufacturer should have ISO9001:2015 quality assurance certification and the manufacturer should provide a certificate.


5.The height of the roller shutter is higher than 350 cm, and the ventilation holes are not punched to increase the strength of wind pressure resistance.


6.The anti-typhoon guide rail is equipped with a connecting section to the bottom, and is equipped with stiffener to prevent deformation of the guide rail or derailment of the shutter slats when strong wind pressure occurs.


7.The power control pipeline is provided by the owner to the rolling shutter position.


8.The contractor should provide the factory certificate and 1-year guarantee.

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