Anti-Typhoon Jinwei Gate


Aesthetics & Safety—

The elegant double-plane Alu. slats are used,the middle section is matched with a single-layer slat to present a 3D  effect. The patented double anti-typhoon hook integrated guide rail can withstand the 5000Pa strong typhoon and has high anti-yphoon strength.



Ventilation & Light—

The adjustable flat-panel ventilation and lighting design to allows fresh indoor air and circulate, avoiding car exhaust gas accumulation and endangering health.



Reduce Noise & Priacy—

When closed, it can block and reduce noise,and prevent outsiders from prying.



Quick & Safe —

TESC chain-type shutter motor is used,which is about 2 times faster than traditional rolling shutter, stable and durable, and provides excellent transmission performance.

TESC Factory -Test 1800kg on Anti-Typhoon Hook of JINWEIGATE

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